SpaceShare, a new one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer platform that facilitates the sharing of unused space and amenities, officially launches

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As a direct peer-to-peer platform, SpaceShare offers space at low prices, flexible terms and with shared amenities

Houston, TX, November 1, 2018SpaceShare, a new one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer platform that facilitates the sharing of unused space and amenities, has officially launched, with its home on the web at Now both tenants and companies or individuals looking for space have an efficient avenue to unlock the vast amount of unused or underutilized space.

SpaceShare is optimized to connect individuals or corporate users with companies that have “unused” office, industrial or retail  space. Unlike traditional subleasing, SpaceShare doesn’t require complex sublease arrangements or expensive demising of space. Rather, SpaceShare arrangements are true “space sharing” arrangements where flexibility, lower cost and shared amenities and common spaces create a win-win for both parties. SpaceShare is focused on unlocking the revenue potential in those extra offices, or unused warehouse areas, or underused retail spaces where sharing of space and amenities makes sense.

Tenants in the market for flexible, low cost space are increasingly taking to the web to complete the process in much the same way that many renters and homeowners now almost exclusively use websites like Zillow to find their homes. Additionally, many space occupiers have unused space in the form of offices, desks, warehouse space and elsewhere, and—not unlike Uber recognizing the unlocked value in cars being parked 95% of the time on average—SpaceShare is focused on the opportunity to make better use of this unused space in a true win-win arrangement.

The process is simple. For individuals looking for space, they can search SpaceShare’s listings database, immediately contact SpaceShare’s experts after they find what they need, and start enjoying their new space within days. For businesses interested in listing space, SpaceShare provides an easy-to-use contact form that lets you provide the information and set the term, price, and conditions, with SpaceShare then adding your listing to the site on your behalf. SpaceShare’s experts then match tenants with the unused space inventory, and handles the entire lifecycle of the arrangement.

For office users in the market that are unable to find space on SpaceShare’s website, SpaceShare sister site SwiftLease can find the ideal office space for tenants of any size and budget. Try SpaceShare today at, and SwiftLease at

For more information about SpaceShare or SwiftLease, please contact Larry Koestler at 713.275.9623.

About SpaceShare
SpaceShare is optimized to connect individuals with companies that have “extra” office space, whether that be a full floor, individual offices, or even desks they are not using. Individuals that sign up for space through SpaceShare listings are also often able to access that office’s shared amenities at no extra fee, while the businesses that utilize SpaceShare are able to generate income on unoccupied space they already have. To find or list your shared space, visit us at or

About SwiftLease
SwiftLease helps businesses quickly find the perfect space, including small-office, short-term and flexible lease options. SwiftLease uses technology and the personal attention of every customer’s assigned, experienced SwiftLease agent to create a shortlist of highly qualified space options, schedule building tours, leverage negotiations, provide professional advice and support, and achieve a better price for our clients. To find your perfect flexible, short-term office space, visit us at

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