Shared Space. Everyone wins.

SpaceShare matches individuals with companies that have “extra” office space, whether that be a full floor, individual offices, or even desks they are not using. Search for and list affordable, flexible shared space today.

Individuals that sign up for space through SpaceShare listings are also often able to access that office’s shared amenities at no extra fee, while the businesses that utilize SpaceShare are able to generate income on unoccupied space they already have.

For Individuals

  1. Search SpaceShare’s listings database.
  2. Find space.
  3. Contact SpaceShare’s experts.
  4. Enjoy your new space!

For Businesses

  1. Add properties by clicking on the red button in the top righthand corner.
  2. Provide SpaceShare with the details of your unused space — you set the term, price, and conditions.
  3. Sit back as SpaceShare finds you tenants, and handles the lifecycle management.
  4. Generate income on unused space!

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