How it works

SpaceShare matches individuals with companies that have “extra” office space, whether that be a full floor, individual offices, or even desks they are not using.

Individuals that sign up for space through SpaceShare listings are also often able to access that office’s shared amenities at no extra fee, while the businesses that utilize SpaceShare are able to generate income on unoccupied space they already have.

For Individuals

  1. Search SpaceShare’s listings database.
  2. Find space.
  3. Contact SpaceShare’s experts.
  4. Enjoy your new space!

For Businesses

  1. Add properties by clicking on the red button in the top righthand corner.
  2. Provide SpaceShare with the details of your unused space — you set the term, price, and conditions.
  3. Sit back as SpaceShare finds you tenants, and handles the lifecycle management.
  4. Generate income on unused space!

SpaceShare FAQ

For Individuals

How is this different from subleasing?

A sublease typically requires a multi-month or multi-year commitment on the part of the tenant and requires the tenant to take over a sublessor’s entire space that they are subleasing as well as paying a broker’s commission.

SpaceShare is completely different – we help match you with unused space that companies are leasing themselves but not making use of. It’s similar to taking an Uber —according to a study in Time Magazine, most peoples’ cars are parked 95% of the time, a statistic that helped give rise to the sharing economy.

With SpaceShare, the idea is similar – why let that office or desk sit empty when someone else could be making use of it? And the best part is, there are no long-term leases to worry about. SpaceShare users can rent a desk for as little as one month, with no future commitments. Many SpaceShare customers are also able to take advantage of office amenities like use of the kitchen and common areas at no extra charge.

Why should I lease space on SpaceShare?

If you are looking for below market rates with extremely flexible lease terms, SpaceShare is for you.

What if I’m looking for office space but none of these locations work for my needs?

Don’t worry! Our sister business, SwiftLease, helps small businesses find their ideal space anywhere – we have access to the largest listings database, not just our own selection of properties and spaces. Click here to contact us and we’ll help you quickly find the perfect space!

How do I pay my rent?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and can be mailed or dropped by SpaceShare’s offices.


For Businesses

Why should I list space on SpaceShare?

If you have one office to lease or a couple offices to a full floor there is no reason to keep them sitting empty. SpaceShare provides a swift and easy process to make extra money.

If you are looking for below market rates with extremely flexible lease terms, SpaceShare is for you.

SpaceShare was designed for companies that have a “few” extra offices that they are willing to rent on a short term flexible basis to other small companies or individuals. The differences between space share and subleasing include: no demising of space, short and flexible terms, sharing of amenities, no build-out (move in ready).

What is the cost to list my un-used office space?

SpaceShare does not receive a commission for any spaces listed on our website. It is 100% free of charge to list your unused space. If we are able to match you with a client, then we charge a small percentage of rent charged.

Is my space right for SpaceShare?

You are the right fit for SpaceShare if you have any vacant space within your existing suite.  That can be a one room office, multiple offices, desk space or even your entire suite.

We make a promise to our customers that someone will be onsite to greet them and show them the available space for lease.

How does payment work?

There is no cost to list your un-used space on SpaceShare.  You will be paid any time a SpaceShare customer leases your space on a monthly basis as we receive their rent portion.  You will be paid by mail in the form of a check.

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